How To Change Your Job The Smart Way

change your job

Considering moving on to a new-and-improved job? Before you make a potential life-changing decision, be sure to take a few things into consideration before you leap. First: is this a completely radical change, or a lateral move? Keep in mind that there’s a reason for the phrase “look before you leap.” Job change is one […]

How to Ace an Internal Interview Like a Pro

how to ace an internal interview

Applying for a new position at a company where you already work poses unique advantages and disadvantages. The biggest mistake people make is to shortchange the process. To be successful, it’s important to position yourself just as competitively as any candidate from outside the company. You’ve probably heard that up to 80% of job openings […]

Six Tips to Make Yourself Feel Ten Years Younger

10 years younger

While we can’t actually turn back the clock, and youth is not everything, sometimes a little boost that helps you feel younger is very helpful. Aging is inevitable, but feeling “old” is not! Here are six tips to make yourself feel ten years younger. 1. Exercise If you haven’t exercised in a while, when you […]

Estate Planning 101 For Women

Estate Planning Essentials for Women

Most of us don’t look forward to dealing with estate planning, regardless of our gender. But estate planning is even more important for most women since, in many cases, they live longer. This means that women must manage living expenses on a single income, or no income at all, for a longer period of time […]

Top 5 Health Screenings for Women Over 50

health screenings for women over 50

Aging is a part of life and as we age there are some very important health screenings that we should be doing annually. Keeping your body healthy by proactively seeking a medical doctors advice is shown to help you to live longer and prevent many medical conditions by early detection. It’s imperative to be diligent […]

401(k) vs IRA

401k vs IRA

Nowadays, it’s no secret that there is much financial uncertainty in the markets. Investors monitor their portfolios on a daily basis to make the most logical finance decisions. After all, it is this money that will hopefully one day allow an investor to retire at a desirable age. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the […]